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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Registry Defragmentation
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When to Use "Registry Defragmentation"?
When you install/remove software you should know that it alters the registry by adding/removing certain information. However such changes cause your Windows registry to grow in size, which immediately leads to decrease of application response time and consequently slows down your system. That is why we recommend you to perform registry defragmentation:

  • Every 30 days
  • When new software is installed
  • When existing software is uninstalled

How much space I will gain?
This is hard to predict. Sometimes you may get decrease in size only in range 1%-5% of total registry size. But you need to remember that what you we will get is a linear registry without any fragmentation.

Why should I use "Registry Defragmentation" but not any other tool?
All registry defragmentors that i used to see (Norton Disk Doctor, DiskKeeper, PageDefrag and other) defragment only physical location of the registry file. They do not delete unused entries, compacting the registry and re-indexing registry for maximum speed. Our "Registry Defragmentation" does these things and even more. It optimizes logical structure of the registry. Thus our program improves access time and provides your system with more stability.

Is there some alternative way to register "Registry Defragmentation"?
Yes, there is. Now we're trying to localize our product for different countries and with your help it will be easier/faster. If you feel like you can help then send us email to info@elcor.net and do not forget to specify languages which you can help with.

Does "Registry Defragmentation" run on Win95/Win98/WinME?
Yes! "Registry Defragmentation" was designed for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003 or later version.

I use other registry defragmentators/optimizers/tweakers. Is "Registry Defragmentation" compatible with them?

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