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What's New in Advanced Registry Doctor 7.x

What's New in Advanced Registry Doctor

Elcor Software releases a new version of Advanced Registry Doctor 8.5
Excellent registry-repair program for Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 and Vista computers

Release Date: July, 1 2006
OS: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
Download link:

changes in v7.6 Build 07.01

- General change
+ added support of new icon/shortcut objects
+ added support of different third-party software
(~ +25 new popular software packages)
+ latest Language Pack from June, 2006.

+/- updated Registry Toolkit up to
+/- updated API FindInvalidShortcuts (new algorithm)
+/- updated API QuickDiskScan

- Fixed critical bugs in Registry Scanning Engine (RSE)
- Fixed bugs in "Startup Wizard"
- Fixed bugs in Trial Algorithm
- Fixed bugs on Dual Core CPU
- Fixed bug "Access violation at address 00D10033"
- Fixed bug "External exception C000001D"
- Fixed bug "Failed to set data for SBDrvDet"
- Fixed bug "Access violation at address 00404F7B"
- Fixed bug "Exception class: EPngInvalidCRC. Exception address: 0049E4A7"
- Fixed bug "Access violation at address 00CB5903"
- Fixed bug "Access violation at address 00550AA4"
- Fixed bug "Access violation at address 00D10033"

changes in v7.5 Build 04.20

- General change
+ added GUI for "Optimize Your PC"

- fixed bugs in DEMO mode

changes in v7.5 Build 04.03

- General change
- fixed critical bug ("ARD don't have access") in Registry Management Service
("Handling of write protected registry entries")

- fixed bugs in API Repair and API RepairAll
- fixed bug in DEMO mode
- fixed about 10 small bugs

changes in v7.5 Build 04.01 (BETA)

- General change
+ added support of Network Folders, Drives and other objects
+ added support of different third-party software (+ 10 new popular software packages)
+ added Arabic language

+/- updated Registry Defragmentation package (to latest beta)
+/- small GUI updates

- fixed bugs in API ScanActiveX, API ScanHelpFiles, API ScanNetwork object
- fixed problem with antivirus (false virus detection)
- fixed about 20+ small bugs connected with compatibility (connected with Win95-Me and WinXp 64bit)

changes in v7.1 Build 02.01

- General change
+ latest Language Pack from January, 2006.
+ added latest version of Registry Defragmentation

+/- updated API ScanActiveX (new algoritm)

- Fixed the problem with defrag.rep
- Fixed bugs in Trial Algoritm
- Fixed the problem with performance degradation in scanning engine
- Fixed the problem with time limited registration keys
- Fixed error 162
- Fixed bug with DEP Windows protection
- Fixed the problem with registration keys
- Fixed some minors bugs

- Setup wizard
+/- updated languages

- fixed minor bugs

changes in v7.x

New feature "Optimize Your PC"!
By default Windows is not tuned to function as fast as it can. Apply this set of tweaks to enhance performance of your system. Most of the tweaks included stand for the speedup of your Windows and can safely be turned on/off whenever you want it.

New feature "Protect your PC"!
Some malware ActiveX controls usually use certain registry entries to configure their startup. New feature allows you to look through the list of known registry keys and forbid its usage thus keeping your PC in safety from spyware/adware ActiveX components.

New feature "Scan Windows Registry Sound and Appevents Sections"!
Of course, you know that Windows allows you to set up your own sound files for various Windows and application events. Once you tune up the system settings to point at your specific sound files it can furhter on become that some of the files get moved/removed and certain registry entries will become invalid. Along with this Windows won't play your old sound files on certain events. Scanning of this registry section will let you handle this issue.

Handling of write protected registry entries!
You probably don't know that some programs create their own hidden users on your Windows while being installed. Why do they do this? The reason they do it is because they indue those users with specific privileges. Thus the user permissions to access certain registry keys get restricted. Current user(even if he belongs to the Administrators group) is granted only a read privilege. And what should you do if the entry is invalid? Facing a problem? Well, not anymore! The new techniques for handling registry entries implemented in ARD will allow you to fix those problems too granting you proper read/write permissions when it's needed.

+/- updated Registry Scanning Engine (RSE)
+/- Documentations
+/- updated languages

- Fixed critical bugs on Registry Scanning Engine (RSE)
- Fixed minor bugs with compatibility
- Fixed error 174 message - text added: "(blacklisted key)"
- Fixed bug with different time zones
- Fixed error 251
- Fixed error 207
- Fixed error 224
- Fixed the problem with error 158
- Fixed the problem with memory leaks
- Fixed the problem with shared access to the keys storage file
- Fixed some minors bugs

Update from Advanced Registry Doctor Lite/Pro 5.x/6.x to 7.x is FREE.

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